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Post by Admin Tee » Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:28 pm


Team Minaj will address this only one time and then we will move on from it. It’s painfully obvious that we as a fan base are being targeted. We are targeted because everyone knows how Nicki loves her fans. The theory is if they separate Nicki from her base, then they would succeed in destroying the strong hold she has left.

Look at the horrible articles that have come out blatantly attacking the fans over the last year! Nicki’s fans have been marginalized and called every name in the book! We are called stalkers, garbage, crazy, unstable, threatening, etc... all the while Cardi B is being painted as a victim of Nicki and her fans.

This is done purposely to continue a false narrative that Nicki is bullying Cardi and her family, and that she’s using her fans to do so.

This is UNTRUE.

Nicki Minaj nor anyone on her team authorized the spread of Cardi B’s personal phone number. Because Hennessy Carolina was bold enough to spread this false statement, we hope Nicki Minaj and her team considers civil redress. Legal/civil redress means to set right, relief or remedy or a means of seeking relief or remedy. It can be putting right a wrong by compensation or compensation for injuries sustained; recovery or restitution for harm or injury; damages or equitable relief.

In other words, we hope Nicki Minaj SUES for libel. Her character is being completely defamed by Hennessy and her sister. By stating that Nicki is leaking their phone numbers to fans which in turn, threatened to cause bodily harm to Cardi’s child without any evidence is considered Defamation of Character/Libel under all legal definitions. Nicki is too powerful and smart to do anything foolish like leak a number or encourage her fans to call and text that woman death threats.

Nicki, if you are reading this note, please consider suing. It’s time to stop these people from tarnishing your name and reputation.

After this day, we are ENCOURAGING ALL BARBZ TO IGNORE CARDI B, HENNESSY CAROLINA, JASON LEE, and any blog that supports them. They want our traffic and they want to continue to use Nicki’s name for nefarious reasons. If we stop giving them relevancy, they will disappear. Follow Nicki’s lead and ignore them. Rodents tend to go away when they can’t find food and water, right?

Stop feeding the rats 🐀 they’ll move on if you do.

Team Minaj
~Team Minaj Admin :D

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